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QCONZ (Quality Consultants Of New Zealand Ltd) operates in the primary industry with a core competence in the development and delivery of quality-based auditing and advisory services to the Primary Industry.

Leading provider of
quality management systems

Our vision is to be the leading provider of quality management systems for the primary sector.

The business currently operates in the Dairy, Food, Fertiliser and Beef Industries. Services are delivered to individual farmers, dairy companies, Federated Farmers of New Zealand, Regional Authorities and State Governments.

QCONZ possesses technical expertise in all facets of quality management on farms such as quality system development, quality audits, milking machine testing and servicing, dairy design, training, milk quality management, animal health management and soil fertility.

At processing level we offer a range of services aligned to meeting regulatory requirements. This includes Food Safety Programme auditing, HACCP assessment, audit/verification sampling and, via Linclab, pasteurizer validation.

QCONZ has an extensive industry network in New Zealand that includes Fonterra Co-operative Group, the Dairy Goat Co-op, Dexcel, the Dairy Research Institute, MAF, Federated Farmers and Massey University. We have links to the Waikato Northland and Auckland Regional Councils and are active participants in the Environment Waikato sponsored Dairy Liaison Committee.

Company Information

QCONZ is a privately owned unlisted company. All shareholders in QCONZ are actively involved in the company at consultant and management levels.



Our Team members are made up of Farms Auditor, Food Safety Auditor and Trainers. There is some cross over of roles.

All Farms Business team members are trained to deliver our base services through completion of one-on-one training with an experienced assessor/trainer and internally or externally sourced courses in Milk Quality and Milking Machine function. All assessors must carry out accompanied visits until they show a high level of competence.

All Trainers have been through 'Train the Trainer' course, and assessment courses and have a in depth knowledge of the subjects they are delivering.

Food Safety Auditors go through rigorous training and development that takes several years and they are fully qualified and recognised auditors in their fields.

Murray Pedley
Josh Wheeler
Karen Thomson
Peter Wood
Chris Yates
Kay King
Denis Cadman
Alan Taylor
Hayden Schick
Humphrey du Plessis
Kerrie Mitchell
Kim Hodgson
Leanne Sinclair
Lee Framp
Samara Heaney
Craig Allen
Ian Yates
Ryan Hall
Hector Font
Sara Griffiths
Karlene Jordan
Joshua Finn-Jones
Jillian Calow
Justin Moss
Roby Thomas
Robyn MacDonald
Kumaire Naidoo
Michael Peters
Bernie Woodcock
Gary Greig
Jessica Galloway