Courses and Learning

QCONZ offer a number of training courses nationally throughout New Zealand, and internationally in South America and Australia.

QCONZ is an NZQA registered training service provider to the PRITO, MPTA, detergent suppliers, and dairy company quality and internal audit personnel. We offer classroom and on-farm workshops, as well as eLearning modules. These are all backed up by a complete database of training records and achievements.

QCONZ Training is an NZQA registered ‘Private Training Establishment’ (PTE).

QCONZ Training frequently develops and delivers courses so that clients can brand and promote the training as their own.

Businesses use our expertise, our skilled trainers, our assessors, and our training quality systems to deliver cost effective training that is delivered in-house for their own staff, or to on-sell to their clients.

Dairy Industry

Dairy Courses on behalf of PrITO include Milk Quality and Dairy effluent, Milking Machine function for the MPTA and other relevant courses in quality systems, milk quality, and dairy management.

Aged Care Sector

As a preferred provider of training to Oceania Healthcare we offer a number of courses to one of New Zealand’s leading aged care and retirement village providers.

Food and Hospitality

Sector-specific training courses to other sectors in food processing, manufacturing, hospitality and red-meat.

All training information, engagement, achievements and records of learning are stored in our LMS (Learning Management System) database, and are reported to NZQA as required.

QCONZ Trainer running a Milk Quality Course in New Zealand

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