Global Consultants

QCONZ offer specialised Agri and Technology consultancy services to an international market.

With consultants and specialists based out of New Zealand, Australia and South America, we assist and lead in projects and assignments for government, industry bodies and aid agencies. Our core technical competencies are in agri-business and food sectors, particularly dairy, and we have proven expertise in project management and running large programmes.

QCONZ have proven expertise in project management and running large programmes. We are seen as  a “safe pair of hands” in terms of project management and successful integration of support mechanisms ie access to skilled and knowledgeable advisory services, access to critically important goods and support services and market driven decision-making processes.

Nestle Pakistan have described QCONZ’ service offering as being “practical and to the point”

Some of the areas we consider important for successful international projects are:

  • Working with local Producer Boards, Universities, processing companies and company extension staff
  • Leveraging our two key digital platforms, Virtual Coach and FarmScope, for the benefit of all service providers in the project and to the project overall
  • Development of training materials and extension officer and farmer resources, and the training of extension staff.
  • Real time communications links to all parties, keeping information flow alive at all times
  • Inclusion of local supermarkets to provide an added commercial driver for improvement

QCONZ has established itself in agricultural development programmes in South America, South East Asia and Pakistan. This will soon extend to Africa.

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We are always looking in-country consultants to assist with our projects.

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