Information Technology

QCONZ Tech Division offers a number of software applications, database systems, management and reporting for a variety of businesses.

QCONZ mobile and cloud offerings are at the forefront of design and innovation.

We have a number of products including:

Mobile template and task driven systems FARMSCOPE and SYNC offer a communication and data platform.

TRACKER was developed for the Red Meat industry to ensure regulatory compliance at all levels for the transport of bobby calves from farm, truck, and processing plants.

Our VIRTUAL COACH eLearning package continues to grow, with over 500 modules now created. Some modules and courses are available for sale, such the SPREADMARK SPREADER COURSE, and others have been incorporated into separate packages such as QCONZ SAFETY – the Health and Safety system for companies which do work on New Zealand farms.

Custom Development

QCONZ custom development solutions for business incorporate a mix of technologies packages into a solution.

A recent Fonterra initiative in New Zealand, focused on residues in milk, our technical and support services were critical to success. One senior Fonterra executive was moved to comment, “QCONZ saved our reputation”.

DASHBOARD – in the style of the system we created for TE ARA MIRAKA which incorporated multiple data sources

DATA CRUNCHING solution for 100,000+ milk test results as we did for FONTERRA.

REPORTING AND MANAGEMENT system which combines the mobile uptake of SYNC by remote field staff with a dynamic farm supply list such as we have created for PARMALAT

Quality Systems

We are a market leader in the development and provision of Quality Systems, delivering consultancy services for farming, including quality assurance, food safety, and auditing.

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We offer an extensive range of on-farm services on behalf of dairy companies, regulatory authorities, and industry bodies.

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Red Meat

QCONZ attended the annual the Red Meat sector MIA conference over 30 July – 1 August 2017 held in Dunedin.

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Auditing & Compliance

QCONZ has a large team of auditors who are trained to assess quality and compliance, including annual audits, follow-up, tracebacks and inhibitory auditing.

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In 2015 QCONZ took over the management, systems, and auditing of the NZ Pork PigCare program in New Zealand.

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QCONZ manage the audit regimen and systems for both the Fertmark and Spreadmark programmes on behalf of the the Fertiliser Quality Council (FQC)

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Information Technology

We offer a number of software applications, a mix of technologies, database, management and reporting for a variety of solutions for modern and efficient business.

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QCONZ audit every SPCA Blue Tick Supplier twice annually to certify that farming products have met the high animal welfare standards.

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Case Studies

Some services we have delivered:

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Our Software

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