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With farms stretching across all of New Zealand, we face a heavy demand for sophisticated data and people management to maintain effective systems controls.

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The NZ Government has approved a jointly funded project to assist the Myanmar dairy industry to improve milk production and quality.

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We work closely with dairy farmers, dairy companies, and the ‘Primary Industry Training Organisation’ to deliver a comprehensive training suite for dairy farmers.

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Dairy Effluent WoF

The WoF system was built from scratch and included a training and certification system for assessors, public and private web portals, e-calibration and promotion of the programme.

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We enable working interfaces between systems and people and we come up with business solutions which incorporate Quality Systems, technology, and people at all levels.

Integrated systems assist effective communication between customers and staff, and admin and management at every level, with automated reporting and real-time tracking of projects, new business, and day to day operation.

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