International Consulting

International Consulting

QCONZ is leveraging its expertise and reputation in the NZ primary industry across primary industries internationally.

QCONZ has developed a significant profile in Australia,Brazil and Argentina. Our profile in South America came initially from a dairy farms quality management systems development project. QCONZ was selected to assist SANCOR Cooperative Dairy Company to develop an on-farm quality management programme for suppliers providing raw milk which was to be used in the manufacture of product for the European market. The programme, named Leche Plus, has made significant progress and is currently operating on over 200 farms supplying SANCOR.

This successful venture has opened other opportunities for QCONZ. An approach from the Santa Fe State Government resulted in projects being instigated in the Beef Industry. QCONZ, in a joint venture with the Government and “University Nacional Del Litoral has developed a Beef Industry Farm Code of Practice, Quality Management System, Audit Procedures and Standards and an auditor training course. Once again, this system has been designed to add credibility and sustainability to an industry exporting to Europe. In addition QCONZ has also developed a Dairy Farm Code of Practice and Quality Management system in Spanish.

While projects initiated in South America have not been without difficulty with language, infrastructure and distance being foremost, QCONZ has demonstrated that it can deliver despite these obstacles. Our philosophy is not to offer an off-the shelf product but to deliver a product that is a culmination of understanding the wants and needs of the client and turning these in to a workable system.

QCONZ has expanded it's presence in South America considerably in the last two years. We have on-going audit work in the Beef Industry in Argentina and have a sister company established in Brazil (QCONZ America Latina) which will be providing services to the dairy industries of Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Argentina and Chile.

We also plan to provide services into the Australian dairy industry from our New Zealand base initially. This will focus on technical support in milk quality for dairy farmers and dairy companies in the short term.



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