Sensory Milk Grading

QCONZ Training has developed a half-day, fully participative training course for “Raw Milk Graders”. The course covers NZFSA, Raw Milk Acceptance Standards. Real emphasis is placed on establishing student strengths and weaknesses through detecting the four basic flavours, ie. Sweet, salt, sour and bitter to define sensory aptitude, and also covers the sensory process, sight, smell and taste, plus all of the ‘mechanics’ of sample taking and presentation. Included is a comprehensive listing of flavour and odour quality defects of milk with their prime causes. The course has a strong practical aspect where the participants test their new skills on a selection of coded milk samples with various qualities.

This course is designed for individuals who are required to evaluate raw milk for either:

  • A suitable end use, ie. raw milk collection and transport,
  • As an ingredient in essential and sensitive foods
  • In accordance with NZFSA D115 Raw milk acceptance.