Sister Companies - Brazil & Australia

QCONZ Australia

QCONZ Australian was established in 2010 to carry out the farm auditing work for one of our key clients, Fonterra Australia

We are currently expanding our services in Australia to offer our clients our IT solutions and IT support.

Our Australian business has continued to leverage QCONZ’ robust internal systems for managing farm auditing. This has seen QCONZ Australia grow its presence in Australia with other dairy companies.

QCONZ Australia’s auditors operate in Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria.

QCONZ America Latina (QCONZ AL)

QCONZ AL was established with our Brazil-based kiwi partner, Bernie Woodcock, in 2009.

Initially QCONZ AL provided farm quality systems development consulting services and farm dairy audit services to Dairy Partners of America (DPA). Now QCONZ AL is a leading provider of Best Practice systems development, auditing and training.

We are also a provider of IT services and technology in the agricultural field.

Through the work we do on farm we have seen the opportunity to identify and distribute new technologies to support farmers. As a direct result, we setup Zealandia Brazil to import and distribute technology to dairy farmers. We have also recently setup a company called Milk Bar Brazil to bring new technology to the market in regard to calf rearing.

You can see about QCONZ America Latina here:

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