Virtual Coach Installation

Virtual Coach is an eLearning system which allows courses and modules to be completed either via the online interface, or an installation Windows application.

Courses consisit of one or more modules, each of which coming high-quality HD video, still images, audio, text, web-links and assessment questions.

Results, timings, click, starts and stops are uploaded into the QCONZ LMS database system.


For installation and support contact the QCONZ IT team during working hours:

Jaime Craven – QCONZ Training

Ph 0800 726 695 / Mobile 021 1935936


Roby Thomas – QCONZ Technical

Ph 0800 726 695 / Mobile 027 278 1652



There are two ways to access Virtual Coach:

Virtual Coach Online

As simple as logging into a website.

At the Login Page enter the credentials you will have already been supplied with.

NOTE: not all training courses and packages are available for Virtual Coach Offline.

Virtual Coach Offline

Users install a copy of the application onto their Windows computer. After logging into Virtual Coach the user is shown a list of courses and modules for which access is given. Virtual Coach then downloads a complete copy of the course onto the local machine.

Course and modules are now available offline and can be used when no internet is available, or in an environment where an unstable connection exists.

When used for assessment, results and statistics from courses and modules are saved onto the user’s computer. These are then transmitted to the LMS database when connectivity resumes.

Installing Virtual Coach Offline

Step 1 – Download and install the “connector” file which connects the student and module to the LMS.

This places a small ‘config file’ will is placed into the following folder: C:\ProgramData\Virtual Coach\Configuration

The config file’s purpose is for directing Virtual Coach to the appropriate online server for authenticating users and capturing results.

Step 2 – Download and install the “player” installation file

installs the Virtual Coach Player application.

The Virtual Coach Player application is installed into this location: C:\Program Files\Virtual Coach

Note: admin user permissions will be required for this process.  Once the program has been installed all actions can be carried out with limited user permissions.

Step 3 – Start the Install.

Step 4 – Double-click the file to begin the install.

Step 5 – Tick to accept the license agreement, click NEXT.

Step 6 – Choose DEFAULT install and click NEXT

Step 7 – Click FINISH

Starting Virtual Coach Player

Step 1 – Launch Virtual Coach Player from the shortcut on your desktop by double-clicking the Virtual Coach icon

Step 2 – Select the “connection” profile from the dropdown box which says “Please select…”, and type your allocated user name and password into the correct fields.

Step 3 – After logging on you will see a list courses. Each course can consist of multiple ‘modules’.

Clicking the plus icon to the left of the course name will expand the course and show the list of modules.

Step 4 – Downloading modules. Double clicking the module will prompt you to downoad the module.

Clicking YES will being the module download process.

Once finished the module will start automatically.

The user has the option to close the module and download another.

NOTE: Modules are downloaded via FTP.  Some network environments may require special FTP access.


FAQ and Troubleshooting

What if the module keeps stopping in the middle of the module?

Sound like a poor internet connection, which is quite common for an internet connection.  Try installing the offline version. See below for details.

Forgot my User name or password

There is a Retrieve lost password function in the login page of the Virtual Coach Programe.  Or Contact the Training Coordinator Jaime Craven Ph 0800 726 695 / Mobile 021 1935936 Email: Or retrieve to the email sent by Jaime containing the logins

My Certificate has not come through yet.

Not all courses have certificiates – if you are sure the course is meant to generate a certficate and it has not yet arrived, please get in touch with Training Coordinator Jaime Craven Ph 0800 726 695 / Mobile 021 1935936 Email:

My Certificate has incorrect spelling

Oh dear – we don’t make mistakes often, but they do happen occasionally. Please email with correct spelling and one will be printed for you asap

iPad’s and Android tablets or.

The installtion links for Virtuacl Coach Offline are designed specifically for a Windows computer and will not work on non-Windows tablet or Apple based based device. Users of these devices need to use Virtual Coach Online

Mac Computers

Virtual Coach Online works via the Puffin browser which allows Flash-based content.

Virtual Coach Offline can also work on a Mac Computer via Windows Bootcamp.

Help, I accidentally deleted the shortcut on my desktop.

You can navigate to Virtual Coach from the start button.

How do I know if I’ve completed a module

The ‘My Modules’ list is colour coded as below.

  • Black – module not downloaded or attempted.
  • Blue – module has been downloaded but assessment not attempted.
  • Green – module assessment has been completed correctly.
  • Red – module assessment has been attempted, but not completed or not correct.
Help, I don’t have any sound.

Click the speaker icon in the bottom-right corner and ensure the speaker volume is set to high.

Do I need an internet connection

An internet connection is used primarily for authentication, downloading and updating modules and also sending results to the LMS.

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