On the ‘Users/Staffs’ tab you can add new users, edit user details and archive users. Users will be listed on the table which can be sorted by supply number, first or last name, user type or farm name by clicking on each respective heading.

Once new users are added, you will be able to assign them tasks to complete on farm. As the farm admin, you are able to create general ‘farm users’ and also other ‘farm admin’ users.

Farm Users – The workers or basic operator on a single farm. Farm users can action and create tasks for themselves or others. Farm users can also be a part of a farm group and are able to action tasks for other farms. Users do not have access to the Admin section on FarmScope.

Farm admin users – Have the same abilities on FarmScope as you (i.e. manage farm operations through the Admin section), however there can only be one designated ‘Responsible Person’ on farm. The Responsible Person on farm is the point of contact for the dairy company, and is assigned templates by the company to assign as tasks for the rest of the farm.