Auditing and Compliance

QCONZ has a large team of auditors who operate nationwide across New Zealand and Australia who are trained to assess quality and compliance on dairy farms.

We offer services for regulator and Quality Systems compliance, Farm Dairy and Environment audits, follow-up, tracebacks and inhibitory substance auditing and investigation.

The QCONZ team currently assess over 80% of New Zealand Dairy Farms, delivering 30,000+ farm visits annually across more than 10,000 farms throughout NZ and Australia.

We use technology and best audit practice to develop scalable solutions for dairy farms and dairy companies. All data captured on-farm is recorded and reported electronically.

Our farm dairy assessment service is fully certified to ISO 9001 and ISO 17020 international standards.

Our robust internal quality checking systems, which includes regular internal audits, form reviews and statistical analysis of audit outcomes, all form part of our success story.


  • Deliver in excess of 30,000+ client visits per year
  • Fully certified to ISO 9001 and ISO 17020 standards
  • All data is recorded and reported electronically
  • QCONZ assess over 80% of New Zealand Dairy Farms
  • Provide audit services for SPCA Blue Tick and NZ Pork PigCare programmes
  • Fertiliser industry Spreadmark and Fertmark companies are administered and audited by QCONZ
  • Sister companies in Australia and Brazil also provide similar services

Quality auditing and compliance has been part of what we do since inception in 1999.

Environmental factors are an important part of modern farming and systems.

We can provide a an environmental check service that includes waterway mapping via on-foot or drone footage and effluent system analysis.

We check on-farm water clarity and take samples which are tested for microbiological requirements.

A wide range of factors affect what a farmer can and cannot do with various water sources and our team visit farms to assess water sources for possible risk. Samples are collected and lab tested every three years for E-coli.


Quality Systems – we can assist with creating or modifying your Quality System to ensure compliance with National or International standards.

Record Keeping – we offer auditing against records and management procedures for operational performance.

Practical Compliance – we ensure that the application of compliance is practical and helpful on-farm

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