Better efficiency with technology

Food New Zealand August / September issue

Technology is all around us and constantly evolving. “Business leaders are looking for ways to keep up with an ever-changing world of customer expectations and regulatory compliance,” says QCONZ general manager business development, Chris Leach.

“Discerning customers have increasing expectations and need reassurance about the origin and quality of the food they purchase,” he says, adding that technology is being used more and more to help support brands by backing up claims with reliable data.

Leach points to three technologies offered by the Hamilton-based food safety and quality company that food companies might consider to help overcome common issues:

e-learning to help retain staff and integrate seasonal workers. He suggests using technology like QCONZ Virtual Coach, which offers interactive, “bite-sized” modules that staff can complete to suit both themselves and the employer. “It’s an extremely cost effective way of supporting and upskilling staff,” says Leach.

Moving to a fully integrated computer system that allows data to be captured, systems monitored and reports generated, “really is a no-brainer,” says Leach. The QCONZ-developed platform, Information Leader means there is a full audit trail of every interaction with the system. Compliance data can be managed and collected centrally, providing a processor with information required to monitor and manage performance and satisfy compliance systems.

Centrally managing teams and communicating with them across multiple devices can often be complex and lead to a confused flow of information. An app such as Sync can help those looking for a simple low-cost, customisable option to capture data over the mobile network, he suggests.

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