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Classroom training & On-Farm workshops

QCONZ run a number of training courses across different sectors and are a service provider to the PRITO, MPTA, detergent suppliers, dairy company within New Zealand.

We work closely with dairy farmers, dairy companies, and the ‘PrITO’ to develop and deliver a comprehensive training and assessment solution for the dairy industry.

MQ Stage 01

Ensure good quality production by applying the correct skills and knowledge.

MQ Stage 02

Milk harvesting procedures and efficiencies, hygiene checks and milking machine maintenance.

MQ Stage 03

Knowledge and skills to meet the highest standards of effluent management.

We are the contracted trainer and course creation service for NZ MPTA.

NZ Milking Machine Tester

Learn to become a Milking Machine Tester with practical hands-on skills in a workshop like situation.

Milking Machine Tester Refresher

Refresh or update their skills and knowledge regarding test methodology and reporting.

MQ & Grade Troubleshooting

Understand milk quality tests: – bacteria, penicillin contamination, thermo, coliform bacteria and BMSCC.

Mastitis & Liner Selection

Understand mastitis and mastitis detection, resolution and prevention beyond the milk machine.

Mastitis & Milk Quality Principles

A basic introduction to Mastitis and Milk Quality to broaden understanding of these issues.

Liner Selection

Gain a greater knowledge of the benefits of correct liner selection for optimum performance.

Cleaning Evaluation & Milk Delivery

Understand and evaluate the effectiveness of cleaning systems for milking machines and milk silos.

Principles Milking Machine Hygiene

Key milk quality tests and how machines and silos are cleaned by physical action of cleaning solutions.

We are the contracted trainer and course creation service for NZ MPTA.

Food Safety Methods

Understanding of practices that result in safe food for working in a food business.

Food Contamination Hazards

Knowledge the methods to control of hazards that cause food borne illness and food spoilage.

HACCP in the Dairy Industry

Legislative requirements for HACCP plans and identifying and controlling food safety hazards.

Food Safety Programmes

Benefits of a food safety programme, monitoring and recording Critical Control Points, and corrective actions.

Quality Management Auditing

Understand Quality systems and procedures and learn the necessary steps to audit a quality system.

Sensory Milk Grading

Covers NZFSA Raw Milk Acceptance Standards plus mechanics of sample taking and presentation.

Exotic Disease Response

Foot and Mouth Disease, responsibilities for movement, processing and roles in an outbreak.

Custom Course

For your course we can offer a complete course creation, assessment, delivery, and moderation.

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