Cost - Custom Course Development




One Off Cost


Monthly Fee


Annual Fee



Typically, clients find that 1-3 licences are required for most development work.

The licence allows the production of unlimited modules on a single computer.



Hourly Rate


NOTE: Average Course costs are around $1800 each, depending on how much raw

material we need to collect.


QCONZ will integrate with whatever level of service you require, whether a complete concept-to-delivery, or just final compilation or conversion and improvement of existing learning.

Remember, using Virtual Coach Developer enables organisations and to develop their own training including:

  • Assemble video based learning materials… with text and images where needed.
  • Develop activities and interactivity to make highly engaging eLearning.
  • Add assessments that will automatically send the results to the LMS.
  • Compile the materials for deployment on disc or via the internet.
  • A finished course is a single file – upload to the cloud server and it is instantly available for users. The single file contains ALL the learning content for that module – all video, audio, text, images, pdfs, assessment questions, and layout graphics and bundled together.
  • Latest versions of courses and modules. If changes are made to a module users are prompted to update the module to the latest version
  • Courses and modules can be delivered ion any format including internet download, CD-ROM, USB flash drives.