Cost of Virtual coach & lms database

QCONZ eLearning is sold as a software subscription model.

Customers need a ‘base’ LMS license to manage all staff, then individual licenses for eLearning users who wish to use the Virtual Coach Platform.

Small Business

Medium Business

Large Business Corporate Enterprise
1 – 25 user records 26-150 user records 151-500 user records 501-1000 user records 1001+ user records
LMS BASE DATABASE $100 $250 $500 $1,000 $3,000
USER LICENSES $4.00 ea $3.50 ea $3.00 ea $2.50 ea Unlimited
Cloud Hosted
0800 telephone Support
Web-based knowledge portal
Use on Windows, iPads etc
NZ Based  Support Team
TUAANZ Software Winner
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