• To create a new task, click on the blue ‘New Task’ box on the top right of the page.
  • This will open up a pop-up window prompting you to fill out the details for the new task.
  • Select the task template from the drop down. If creating a generic task, it is mandatory to fill out the Task Name.
  • Write in any notes, select a date and time the task is to be completed by, and the expected duration, select if it is a single task or recurring task (detailed below), and assign the task to the desired user/users on farm.
  • Click ‘Save’ and the task should now appear on the Task Scheduler page.
Recurring tasks
  • If the task is to be a recurring task (i.e. to be completed on regular occasions) tick the box next to ‘Recurring’, and then click the green ‘Set Recurring Options’ button.
  • Set the Recurrance Pattern – how often the task needs to be completed e.g. daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, every week day, or every X number of days.
  • Set the Range of Reccurance – start date and end date if applicable (or end the recurring task after a set number of occurances).
  • Assign the task to the desired users across the farm – All users, the admin, or select specific users from the drop down.
‘Do Now’ function
  • When creating a task, there is also the option to complete and submit the form immediately.
  • Click the green ‘DO NOW’ button on the bottom left of the window

The task form will then appear. Fill out the required details