Custom Course Development

QCONZ can organise all aspects of your Course Development

In House Development

The Virtual Coach Development Platform enables eLearning courses and modules to be developed in-house by customers if desired.

Virtual Coach Developer is a powerful stand-alone tool for users to create courses and modules for use with the QCONZ eLearning Virtual Coach Platform.

Using Virtual Coach Developer enables organisations and to develop their own training.

  • Assemble video based learning materials… with text and images where needed.
  • Develop activities and interactivity to make highly engaging eLearning.
  • Add assessments that will automatically send the results to the LMS.
  • Compile the materials for deployment on disc or via the internet.
  • A finished course is a single file – upload to the cloud server and it is instantly available for users. The single file contains ALL the learning content for that module – all video, audio, text, images, pdfs, assessment questions, and layout graphics and bundled together.
  • Latest versions of courses and modules. If changes are made to a module users are prompted to update the module to the latest version
  • Courses and modules can be delivered in any format including internet download, CD-ROM, USB flash drives.

External Development

QCONZ offer our clients the option of out-source their course and module development to our specialist team.

What QCONZ would provide

QCONZ would organise all aspects of the module development process, including video development, voice-overs, graphics and the assembly of the content as custom-developed and branded modules.  QCONZ would provide guidance on integrating the content into the LMS.

What the customer would provide

The customer would need to supply source content and provide access to a technical specialist or product manager where applicable.  This person/s may also have a module review role.

Content and IP

The customer would fully own all the intellectual property and copyright.

Costing model

Pricing is on an hourly development rate. Generally, our team will scope out what course(s) and modules you will need then provide an estimate of time and cost.  If the project came in under-budget the savings would be passed onto the customer.  If the project is likely to go beyond the estimate QCONZ would seek approval before continuing.

Customer Contracted Developers

Sometimes customers contract independent companies to provide video or multimedia content for the various components of courses then the QCONZ team are only putting this together.

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