Dairy companies will assign templates/SOPs to the selected ‘Responsible Person’ on farm (either yourself or another admin user on the farm). If you are the Responsible Person you will then need to assign these templates/SOPs to the farm so they can be actioned by farm users.

It is important to know that your dairy company will not be able to view or access any information regarding other operations and tasks on your farm; they can only assign templates to you and see the submitted information for those specific templates.

If you operate under a farm group/corporate ownership, that farm group can also create templates for all farms in the group. Users from the group/corporate ownership will have access to view all the templates and information regarding tasks and users on your farm, however other farms operating under the group will not.

For farm users, SOPs will initially be assigned as a task and will appear on their Task Scheduler to complete. Once they have actioned/read the task, the SOP will then be saved to the SOP tab, available for them any time until it expires.