Users create Digital Dairy Diary templates (SOP’s, plant checks, surrounds etc) and assign to farms and. Diary companies will create a recurring series for each of the tasks.

Users can add farms but have no rights to any day-to-day farm operations, tasks, staff, farm level templates, or any other farm information.

Dairy Companies can add new farms and users, and edit their information, however will have no access to view the actual operations, tasks, farm templates and other information for each farm. Essentially companies can create and assign different templates to farms to be completed, however cannot view the operations, information and actions on any farm outside of these specific templates.

The dairy company assigns templates and SOPs to the ‘Responsible Person’ on each farm. The Responsible Person needs to complete SOPs, and has the option to re-assign other tasks to other users to be actioned. It is important to note that dairy companies are not able to view or access any information regarding other operations and tasks on your farm; they can only assign templates and tasks and see submitted information for those specific templates.

  • Dairy company users can create templates (e.g. digital dairy SOP’s, plant checks, surrounds checks) and assign these templates to different farms and responsible persons. They are able to create recurring series for tasks and add new farms and users.
  • Dairy company users however have no rights to access and view any day-to-day farm operations, tasks, staff, farm templates, or any other farm information.