What if the module keeps stopping in the middle of the module?

Sound like a poor internet connection, which is quite common for an internet connection.  Try installing the offline version. See below for details.

Forgot my User name or password

There is a Retrieve lost password function in the login page of the Virtual Coach Programe.  Or Contact the Training Coordinator Jaime Craven Ph 0800 726 695 / Mobile 021 1935936 Email: jaimecraven@qconz.co.nz Or retrieve to the email sent by Jaime containing the logins

My Certificate has not come through yet.

Not all courses have certificiates – if you are sure the course is meant to generate a certficate and it has not yet arrived, please get in touch with Training Coordinator Jaime Craven Ph 0800 726 695 / Mobile 021 1935936 Email: jaimecraven@qconz.co.nz.

My Certificate has incorrect spelling

Oh dear – we don’t make mistakes often, but they do happen occasionally. Please email jaimecraven@qconz.co.nz with correct spelling and one will be printed for you asap

iPad’s and Android tablets or.

The installtion links for Virtuacl Coach Offline are designed specifically for a Windows computer and will not work on non-Windows tablet or Apple based based device. Users of these devices need to use Virtual Coach Online http://vc.qconz.com

Mac Computers

Virtual Coach Online works via the Puffin browser which allows Flash-based content.

Virtual Coach Offline can also work on a Mac Computer via Windows Bootcamp.

Help, I accidentally deleted the shortcut on my desktop.

You can navigate to Virtual Coach from the start button.

How do I know if I’ve completed a module

The ‘My Modules’ list is colour coded as below.

  • Black – module not downloaded or attempted.
  • Blue – module has been downloaded but assessment not attempted.
  • Green – module assessment has been completed correctly.
  • Red – module assessment has been attempted, but not completed or not correct.
Help, I don’t have any sound.

Click the speaker icon in the bottom-right corner and ensure the speaker volume is set to high.

Do I need an internet connection

An internet connection is used primarily for authentication, downloading and updating modules and also sending results to the LMS.