The Farm Admin is the owner or ‘responsible person. Users can create templates specific to their farm, manage tasks for themselves and others, and create people and tasks  – but all for their farm only.

Farm admins can be part of a farm group, but with the creation tasks only for their farm, but able to action tasks for other farms.

Farm manager use the system to assign tasks to you and others to be completed on farm. Through both the website and the app user can see what needs to be completed, when it is required, submit forms for each task, and reassign tasks to other workers when necessary.

Dairy companies assign templates and SOPs to the Responsible Person, who may then re-assign these as tasks to be completed by other users.

  • Farm admin users are the farm manager, able manage operations on their farm by creating templates for different tasks and assigning them to staff. They can create and view all tasks, when they need to be completed by, the users who are assigned to different tasks, and see the submitted forms from workers when completed.
  • Each farm has a single selected ‘Responsible Person’, who acts as the contact person for the dairy company. There can be multiple farm admin users on your farm, however only one admin user can be assigned the ‘Responsible Person’ and is the point of contact for the dairy company to the farm.
  • Admin users can create templates, manage tasks for themselves and others, create people and tasks but for their farm only.
  • Farm admins can be part of a farm group, and are able to action tasks for other farms, however are only able to create tasks for their farm. They can also assign workers to complete tasks on other farms under the same farm group.
  • Farm admin users can be assigned templates from their dairy company (e.g. SOPs, plant checks) however the company cannot view any information regarding the farm and other tasks, staff information and operations. Admin users then assign these templates from the dairy company to farm users/workers.
  • Farm admin users can easily create custom templates for different aspects of farm operations (e.g. tractor cleaning, fence repairing), and assigning them as tasks to staff.