FarmScope - How does it work?

Farmscope is a farm management system for tasks, templates, & procedures.

In integrates Dairy Companies Digital Dairy Diary compliance tasks, and streamlines systems and tasks for farmers, workers, multi-farm managers, and dairy companies.

There are many features and different ways users engage with the system, please read on for more detail.

User types and system rights

Dairy Company
Users create templates (digital diary SOP’s, plant checks, surrounds etc) and assign these to farms and responsible persons. Able to create recurring series for tasks. Can add farms and users, but dairy company users have NO rights to see any day-to-day farm operations, tasks, staff, farm templates, or any other farm information.

Farm Group
Users operate across multiple farms like a corporate environment. Can create farm group templates, tasks, and manage people and tasks across all the associated farms. Users from any farm can be assigned tasks on other farms.

Farm Admin
Owner or ‘responsible person. Users can create templates, manage tasks for themselves and others, create people and tasks but for their farm only. Farm admins can be part of a farm group, but with the creation tasks only for their farm, but able to action tasks for other farms.

Farm user
A worker or basic operator. Action and create tasks for themselves or others. Farm users can also be part of a farm group and able to action tasks for other farms.

Feature List


The app system automaticallysynchronizesevery 5 minutes. Can also be initiated manually from top-right button

Recurring tasks

Create recurring tasks for any number of possibilities whether daily, weekly, monthly, annual, or a custom combination. Assign to one or many users, specify if it is to be completed singly or multiple times. Recurring series can be created from app and website.


Set up template name and description details, and, modify or remove fields via drag-and-drop interface. Assign to farms and create recurring task setups. Preview the template to see how it will appear on a mobile phone.

Task Scheduler

Action tasks, show completed, filtered by, sort by

Task Assignment

Assigning to single or multiple people, and the single task function

Welcome task

Daily opening task to all users which reminds them of paddocks which are not to be grazed, and cows which are currently on withholding

Pesticide Application

Easy to manage system for recording via task chemical application to paddocks. Fully tracked and linked to daily task for notifications when paddocks are safe to graze again


Task scheduling overview by day, week month.

Recurring tasks

See and edit existing recurring series or create a new series


What happens when something is not done, email, text, who, when and how often


All data can be reported, exported, and linked however required. For dairy companies this mean real-time compliance, awareness of on-farm engagement, higher or lower audit frequencies depending on any number of factors.

Notification linking

A two-way communication system to better manage audit bookings, proposed dates, cancellations and audit preparation tools and templates

Close outs

non-compliances can be communicated by task and template, and subsequent close-outs completed without an on-farm presence

Audit Linking

Data feed to audits for moving towards desktop compliance


for now demonstration of QCONZ Virtual Coach system and eLearning modules


Procedure templates is defined by dairy company or farm group and assigned to farm which creates a task for the responsible person. The RP completes and submits. The same procedure, read-only, is assigned to all farm to view. After being read the SOP is saved on the app available anytime until it expires at which time the process begins again.


People associated with the farm, change status to available and unavailable


for now showing pesticide system. Coming soon will be task reports and KPI’s for staff and other users. In the app report menu includes SOPs viewing, and option to reset and clear data

Create new task

Choose template, generic task function, task name

Scheduling task date

ASAP, specific dates, or when you can

Animal Health

Complete system to manage cow treatments. Linked to the veterinary treatment plan, have treatments scheduled for staff at the correct time, and return-to-herd calculations completed and communicated via tasks.

Task Action

Opening and submitting tasks, using the “Do Now” function and abandoning a task


Create, edit, archive and manage users

Entity Setup

Create and edit Farms, Farm Groups, and Dairy companies

Communication Platform

A major part of Farmscope’s function is as a communication platform between Farmers, Dairy Companies, Auditors and external parties.

Nutrient Reporting

Linking and feeding data into the DairyNZ spreadsheet system relating to farm nutrient management which reports nutrient inputs, outputs and creates Overseer input files for farmers.

Visit requests

Call for help or advice, data feeding to dashboard(s) and then to nearest or best matched professionals, all tracked, easy to understand and fully traceable

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Did you know?

Farmscope is a farm management system for tasks, templates, & procedures and integrates regulatory compliance with a streamlined task management system.

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