Farm Scope – Mobile & Web Solution

The Web Dashboard - in the cloud

The web dashboard provides an easy interface for admin users to create templates, manage users and set up the system, as well as a fully-functioning replica of the mobile app.

Users can operate completely from the web dashboard, or the mobile app, with the two in perfect sync.

On the web dashboard farmers can create tasks and task templates (ranging from simple forms to complete procedures).

Easily view assigned and completed tasks for all staff via the intuitive task scheduler or the forecasting calendar.

Farmers can view statistics and KPI reports across staff and manage how tasks are tracking over the farm by users or groups.

Some of the web features include:

  • Tasks & SOP templates
  • Users
  • Calendar interface
  • KPI reporting across staff, farm or farms
  • Simple drag-and-drop template creator
  • Manage Form and Procedure templates
  • Task Scheduler
  • Easy calendar forecasting
  • People Management
  • Full Reporting
  • Simple user management
  • Integrated with Virtual Coach for training

Smartphone Mobile App

The fully functioning mobile app allows users to create, complete, and view tasks and procedures.

Users able to work online and offline, syncing tasks and information between mobiles.

The mobile app runs fully offline (i.e. not connected to internet) and, when online, performs 2-way syncs every few minutes or on-demand by users.

Reminders and alerts can be customised and delivered via email or txt, including escalations and a process for tasks not completed.

Some of the mobile app features include:

  • Create new tasks and assign to other users
  • Action and view tasks for other users
  • View procedures at any time
  • People management and seeing who is available
  • Fully integrated Dairy diary compliance
  • Animal health recording and records
  • Feed, pesticide and herbicide application templates
  • Integrate a Health and Safety mobile solution

Login Screen

Actioning a Task

Task Scheduler

Managing People


Build a template

The smartphone app can be downloaded from Google Play store or Apple iTunes.

Did you know?

Farmscope is a farm management system for tasks, templates, & procedures and integrates regulatory compliance with a streamlined task management system.

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