Health and Safety Suite

QCONZ Health and Safety Suite is a software package designed specifically for organisations servicing the NZ Dairy Farming sector.

Streamline the compliance and safety activities for your business with QCONZ technology.

Using QCONZ own Virtual Coach and QCONZ SYNC technology solutions with our advanced and automated reporting system, provides a powerful solution for any business in New Zealand with staff operating on Dairy Farms.

QCONZ Safety and Compliance suite combines a series of Virtual Coach Health and Safety Training Modules with a Health and Safety Mobile Smartphone Form App. Results and outcomes from both packages are combined into an automated Training, Incident Recording and Reporting System.

The entire system can run offline with no requirement for an internet connection. Data captured offline is synced automatically via the internet when a connection is next obtained.

Reporting is completely automated with a comprehensive monthly summary which shows a complete training record across the entire staff, plus a list of any H&S Incidents or Hazards reported.

In addition, triggers and alerts are included in certain mobile templates, such as a H&S Near Miss, or H&S Incident, which are reported automatically in real-time – the reporting suite enables Managers to view, at a glance, the training and compliance for all staff.

The Technology



Electronic online training. Log in to access the H&S Training modules then simply click to start.



Mobile App for data capture including on-screen signatures, photos and GPS locations.


Full reports and summaries show training records, H&S Incidents, Hazards and Near Misses.

How does it work

What does the suite contain

Training Course

The New Zealand Dairy Farms Health and Safety Training Course is divided into eight ‘modules’. A module is like a ‘subset’ or ‘chapter’ of the course.

The New Zealand Dairy Farms Health and Safety Training Course is divided into eight ‘modules’. A module is like a ‘subset’ or ‘chapter’ of the course.

The modules are made up of high-quality images, audio, text, web-links and assessment questions – this is highly interactive learning which is fun and interesting for users, and well beyond the traditional manual approach!

Smartphone Solution

QCONZ SYNC records a Health and Safety Incident or Accident, Near Miss, or Hazard Identification quickly and easily.

Access a large number of Health and Safety “Guides”, as recommended from WorkSafe NZ. Forms and guides are stored on the user’s mobile phone, accessed regardless of internet connection. Forms completed when completely offline are synced to the database as connection is restored.

8 Virtual Coach eLearning modules

01 – Keeping Safe
Health and safety obligations and responsibilities of a business operating in New Zealand

02 – General Safety
General health and safety including managing sun exposure noise, handling techniques, stress, fatigue, and computer work.

03 – Farm Dairy Part 1
Key hazards and ways to minimise risk of slippery surfaces, working at heights, medicines, machines, pumps, and chemicals.

04 – Farm Dairy Part 2
Key hazards and ways to minimise risk of confined spaces, fuel, hot water, heavy objects, and low hanging obstacles.

05 – Farm Dairy Part 3
Key hazards and ways to minimise risk of moving parts, rotary platforms, farm staff, animals, and working alone.

06 – Vehicles Part 1
Minimise risk from vehicles including driver fatigue, cell phones, navigation systems and the unsafe use.

07 – Vehicles Part 2
Minimise risk from vehicles including loading, conditions, hazardous material and tanker tracks.

08 – Farm Environment
Key hazards and ways to minimise the risk of effluent ponds, drains, waterways, motorbikes, ATV’s, irrigation systems, and electric fences.

Reporting and Real-time Notifications

The integrated reporting matrix is where the real power of the system is realised.

Track how staff engage with the system

The Training Records data allows management to see a complete overview of staff, their training records and results, outcomes and completion status.

Assign reviews, build controls on refreshment levels, and track how staff engage with the system.

Mobile data coming in from smartphones allows real-time email notifications of incidents, accidents, near misses, and hazard identifications.

In addition, notifications are compiled into the monthly reporting matrix so a higher level overview and summary can be seen.

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