Step 1 – Download and install the “connector” file which connects the student and module to the LMS.

This places a small ‘config file’ will is placed into the following folder: C:\ProgramData\Virtual Coach\Configuration

The config file’s purpose is for directing Virtual Coach to the appropriate online server for authenticating users and capturing results.

Step 2 – Download and install the “player” installation file

installs the Virtual Coach Player application.

The Virtual Coach Player application is installed into this location: C:\Program Files\Virtual Coach

Note: admin user permissions will be required for this process.  Once the program has been installed all actions can be carried out with limited user permissions.

Step 3 – Start the Install.

Step 4 – Double-click the file to begin the install.

Step 5 – Tick to accept the license agreement, click NEXT.

Step 6 – Choose DEFAULT install and click NEXT

Step 7 – Click FINISH