Brasil - Multiple Dairy Projects

QCONZ have participated in and managed a number of projects in the Brazil dairy industry. 


Nestle - Quality Management System

QCONZ was initially invited by Nestle in Brasil to develop and roll out an On Farm Quality Management and Milk Quality support system.  The work consisted of developing the required system, documentation and training of Dairy Company personnel. The system was developed and trialed on farms supplying Nestle.

QCONZ created an on farm Quality Management System similar to what we have built in New Zealand but tailored to the needs of a Brazilian Dairy Company and its Dairy Farmers. The system included:

  • Code of Best Practice for the construction, maintenance and operation of the farm and farm dairy
  • Recording system for recording of all key records around the harvesting of milk
  • Procedures and systems templates covering all the key aspects of the farm and farm dairy
  • Audit checklists, protocols and training material

We trialled the BFP program with great success for DPA (A J/V company owned by Nestle and Fonterra). The BFP program was rolled out by QCONZ to more suppliers across DPA’s supply base. Today the BFP program is in operation on approximately 2500 farms with the auditing carried out by two audit companies, one being QCONZ America Latina.

Prior to our engagement problems had been encountered getting a system on sufficient farms with sustainable management costs

POLO - Milk Quality Improvement Program

QCONZ AL was contracted to run the Polo project in Minas Gerais State Brazil. The Polo project was funded by the Secretary of Science, Technology and Tertiary Education for Minas Gerais State.

QCONZ’s role in the Polo project was to develop and implement a training program that would be offered to Dairy Companies in the State of Minas Gerais. The aim of the project was to improve milk quality across the region. The Polo project funded the initial training of Dairy Company Technicians and farmers and then the Dairy Companies could use the training program and trained technicians to extend the training across all their suppliers.

The program was a huge success

The program was a huge success and involved a partnership between QCONZ, Government, Government Agencies (Sebrae, Senar), public universities and the Dairy Companies. We completed training for 124 Dairy Companies, including 500 Dairy Company Technicians and over 2000 farmers. Following the Polo programme Dairy Companies saw an improvement in milk quality from the farmers trained within 2-4 months of the training being conducted. The level of Bacteria in milk supplied from trained farmers reduced, in some cases, from 2 million per mil to 200,000 per ml. Somatic Cell Counts were reduced on these farms by 20-50%.

Unilever - Sustainable Milk Project

Unilever is running a Sustainable Milk Project in South America and has appointed QCONZ AL to help implement/audit the project.

The project will encompass 19 Dairy Companies across South America.

The project has been proven on 2 dairy companies in Brasil and Mexico by QCONZ.

Leite Legal – Ensuring Dairy Farmers operate inside the law

Leite Legal is a Federal Government initiated program to help dairy farmers operate within the Government’s milk quality laws.

The legal targets for farmers are that they produce milk with a bacteria level below 600,000/ml and somatic cell count below 600,000/ml from 2013, then from 2016 these levels were to reduce to 100,000/ml for bacteria and 400,000/ml for somatic cell count.

The Leite Legal program is running across all of Brazil and is targeting the training of 80,000 dairy farmers. Senar is the Government training organisation implementing the program across Brazil.

QCONZ is the only third party to be contracted to deliver this work in Brazil

QCONZ is the only third party to be contracted to deliver this work in Brazil and we have been contracted to deliver this work in Minas Gerais State. We have helped Senar in developing the training program and material.

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