The NZ Government is jointly funding a project to assist the Myanmar dairy industry to improve milk production and quality.

QCONZ was approached by Agribusiness Consulting Group to assist with the initial study of the industry as a precursor to the project design.

We have subsequently provided services to the project in the form of training in milk quality management, milk  processing, supermarket supply chain management and laboratory best practices.

QCONZ’ role was to advise in the area of milk quality and food safety.

Project Delivery

A number of areas and outcomes have been achieved in Myanmar:

Building Farmer/Milker knowledge and skills requirements:

  • Train Myanmar locals in general hygiene, mastitis management, inhibitory substance management and milking management
  • Assist those experts to train other ‘generalists’ who then go on to advise farmers across three regions
  • Assist the trained people when working with farmers and adjust training content as needed
  • Annual visit follow up
  • Build Farmer/Milker knowledge and skills requirements
  • Build a service infrastructure for milking machinery
  • Assist processors to improve product quality
  • Equip and train a dairy testing laboratory
  • Build a simple auditable quality management system for supermarkets

Building a service infrastructure for milking machinery

Offering and delivering training in milking machinery, machinery testing and servicing is still required. As machine milking systems become more common it is planned that a more comprehensive project will be undertaken so that a fully trained service infrastructure can be put in place.


Assist processors to improve product quality through training in Standard Operating Procedures and Best Practice.


Assist in the equipping and training of a dairy testing laboratory in Mandalay. Oversight put in place to ensure methodologies were being correctly followed and results correctly interpreted.


Work with the Supermarkets to build a simple auditable quality management system and then train leading supermarket personnel in its application. Include techniques for carrying out visual examinations of processors premises and facilities, sample audits of individual suppliers/collectors that supply milk to that processor and verification testing of product such as SCC, APC, Inhibitory Substances, and Fat/Protein

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