QCONZ take over auditing for SPCA Blue Tick

In May this year QCONZ embraced the chance to take over the SPCA Blue Tick animal welfare accreditation scheme as a third party auditor.

The SPCA Blue Tick brand is an animal welfare accreditation scheme that carries the respect of the SPCA brand. It appeals to consumers who are conscious of where the animal products such as free range and barn eggs and free range chicken come from. Consumers want to know that these products have come from animals farmed using a higher level of welfare than is currently required as a minimum standard by law.

The SPCA Blue Tick animal welfare standards cover free range and barn layer hens (eggs), and free-range chicken. The fundamental difference being that the accreditation scheme audits, not only the welfare of the animals on the farms that supply the products, but the whole supply chain, right back to the packaging units and including traceability of the product.

Working alongside the farmers has already proven to be rewarding, as each farmer is extremely proud of their farm and of the products that are produced. They are therefore happy and willing to comply with the SPCA Blue Tick animal welfare accreditation standards. We ensure a high quality of farms are kept on the SPCA Blue Tick scheme through our “CARS” system listed below:

  • Minor CAR, SPCA notified within 2 business days – 6 weeks to close
  • Major CAR, SPCA notified within 1 business day – 14 days to close
  • Critical CAR, SPCA notified within 24 hours – Immediate closure

If farmers do not close out CARS, they are not allowed to supply any SPCA Blue Tick products, which ensures a high level of animal welfare. QCONZ also audits every farm once a year (additional to their annual visit) through unannounced spot audits.

QCONZ take pride in the opportunity to provide this audit for the SPCA and look forward to the journey with the farmers in order to keep advancing and improving the SPCA Blue Tick animal welfare accreditation scheme, and ultimately deliver a product that is of high animal welfare standards for consumers.

QCONZ Auditors on an SPCA Blue Tick Poultry farm

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