Latest News – QCONZ to deliver Farm services for Fonterra Nationwide

QCONZ to deliver Farm services for Fonterra, Nationwide

QCONZ is very proud to announce that we have successfully tendered to be the national deliverer of farm dairy audits and associated services for Fonterra. Ryan Hall, Manager of the Audit team, believes this is a direct result of providing a sustained, high level of service in the North Island for many years. It’s also a recognition of our ability to, not only absorb change, but to actively promote change where this results in an improved service. Our staff and our business culture drive us to do better for our customers whenever possible.

QCONZ has long held the dream of being the sole provider for Fonterra and so this is a watershed moment for us. We already deliver services in the South, with training going through a strong growth phase for us, and with this appointment we will have a critical mass that will allow us to expand the scope of services we can offer.

Presently, the QCONZ senior management team is working closely with Fonterra to ensure a seamless roll out of our services in the South. We are recruiting, training and equipping new team members ready for an August 1 start. While the emergence of COVID-19 has caused us to rethink some of the processes we would have put in place for this preparation period, we are well on track.

We’re certainly looking forward to this expansion, and to working with Fonterra suppliers in the South.

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