Learning Management System

The Learning Management System (LMS) is a training administration application that integrates directly with the Virtual Coach eLearning platform. The QCONZ software package and database system is built on ASP.NET and SQL Server technology.

Manage all aspects of your training

The intuitive interface enables training administrators to quickly enter and retrieve information about trainees/staff, courses, events, and Virtual Coach modules and courses.

Cloud Access

The LMS is completely in the cloud – a web-based application which be accessed by anyone who is authorised, any time, from anywhere.

Results Management

Completion dates, results and other personnel data can be recorded within the LMS. Results for Virtual Coach modules are auto imported.

The comprehensive results capturing makes LMS.NET ideal for managing health and safety and induction training. A fully developed Training Manager is designed to manage learning and results for both Virtual Coach and non-Virtual coach training modules, courses and events.

Setup and Administration

Setting up is simple with tools to manage the multi-layered levels of users and security. Admin users have complete control over what different users have access to or even know exist.  Some of the tools within the LMS are:

Permissions Manager – This application provides highly granular control for an organisation over who can view/access the different aspects of the LMS.

Content Manager – Organisations wanting to provide web-delivered content can use the Content Manager to manage, import, and preview files.

Module Manager – This enables users to easily update individual files with in Virtual Coach modules.

Virtual Coach

The LMS is completely integration with Virtual Coach digital eLearning package, offering rich multimedia courses for a flexible and powerful training solution…. READ MORE

Mobile App

The LMS is integrated with the TRAIN mobile app to allow Trainers and Assessors to monitor and manage courses and student assessments… READ MORE

LMS Feature List

The Learning Management System (LMS) is a very powerful database completely capable of managing thousands of users with hundreds of thousands of results and data collected from Virtual Coach, traditional training, and elsewhere.

No other LMS integrates directly with Virtual Coach Online and Offline.

  • Detailed information about all levels of users
  • Event management functionality to help manage training workshops
  • Courses can be made up of modules / events / workbooks
  • Highly intuitive and easy to use main interface
  • Detailed results capturing of every module attempt
  • Integrated marking screen for text/essay responses
  • Over-ride results to manually pass (or ‘un-pass’) a learner/user
  • Track what course and modules are loaded
  • Manage software updates from simple to use interface
  • Single click view of course or person status… no complex drilling down
  • Assessment fluency can be tracked for all modules
  • Guessing and multiple attempts can be identified and monitored

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