Learning Management System OLD


The ‘LMS’ is a database system built on SQL Server technology.

It is a fully featured training administration application that integrates directly with the Virtual Coach eLearning platform.

Organisations can manage all aspects of their training, including course and qualifications from other providers, internal traditional training, and eLearning via the Virtual Coach Platform.

  • Enable detailed tracking of staff training and development
  • Produce detailed reports on level of use for product training modules.
  • Enable tracking and monitor all staff training, including:
    • In-house training
    • Internal coaching sessions
    • External courses
    • Compliance training
    • eLearning courses and modules

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Cloud Access


The LMS is completely in the cloud – a web-based application which be accessed by anyone, any time, from anywhere.

The intuitive interface enables training administrators to quickly enter and retrieve information about trainees/staff, courses, events, and Virtual Coach Platform modules and courses.

Results Management


Completion dates, results and other personnel data can be recorded within the LMS.

Results for Virtual Coach modules are auto imported.

The comprehensive results capturing makes LMS.NET ideal for managing health and safety and induction training.

A fully developed Training Manager is designed to manage learning and results for both Virtual Coach and non-Virtual coach training modules, courses and events.

Setup and Administration


Setting up is simple with tools to manage the multi-layered levels of users and security. Admin users have complete control over what different users have access to or even know exist.  Some of the tools within the LMS are:

Permissions Manager – This application is provides highly granular control for an organisation over who can view/access the different aspects of Q-Learn LMS.

Content Manager – Organisations wanting to provide web-delivered content can use the Content Manager to manage, import, and preview files.

Module Manager – This enables users to easily update individual files with in Virtual Coach modules.

Learning management System - features

The LMS is a very powerful database completely capable of managing thousands of users with hundreds of thousands of results and data collected from Virtual Coach, traditional training, and elsewhere.

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Course and Content Development

The Virtual Coach Development Platform enables eLearning courses and modules to be developed in-house by customers if desired.

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Pricing - Virtual Coach and LMS

QCONZ eLearning is sold as a software subscription model.

Customers need a ‘base’ LMS license to manage all staff, then individual licenses for eLearning users who wish to use the Virtual Coach Platform.

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Pricing - Course Creation and Development

  • Typically, clients find that 1-3 licences are required for most development work.
  • The licence allows the production of unlimited modules on a single computer.
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