Virtual Coach - Course Development

Training courses built in our Virtual Coach platform can range from a very simple page-by-page format to something more dynamic and complex which can include videos and interactive activities for a high level of engagement.

Course Development Process

Build your own or let us do the work for you.

Businesses have the option of purchasing the Virtual Coach custom development application and building the modules in-house or alternatively we have a team of eLearning developers who are trained in using this software and can build a course for you.

Input from the client is essential for the best learning outcome of Virtual Coach courses. Un the initial stages of the design process, the client sets their course learning objectives, draws up a basic course outline and carries out a material review. A storyboard is then developed with information and supporting material for each section of learning. This is handed to our team to design and build as they continue to work closely with the client technical department and project manager.

The level of user enjoyment, engagement, and quality of media used are all key considerations we work through with our client to help achieve the best outcome.

Course Format

A typical course may contain several modules.

A module is like a ‘section’ of the course. Assessment questions and interactive activities can be added at the end of the module to assess individual learning.  Typical course outline might be:


  • Module 1 – Introduction to MY TRAINING COURSE
  • Module 2 – Learning the concepts of MY TRAINING COURSE
  • Module 3 – Applying the concepts of MY TRAINING COURSE
  • Module 4 – Assessing my knowledge  of MY TRAINING COURSE
Tracking Results

Results of each module are sent to the LMS database as the learner progresses.

To gain the ‘qualification’ from MY TRAINING COURSE the user will have had to complete each module, and have passed whatever threshold for assessment has been defined.

How much does a course cost?

Virtual Coach eLearning courses are quoted based on our standard costing model.

We have a basic formula for course design, however there are a number of variables to consider which form part of the cost estimate. The number and length of modules in a course, level of interaction, design elements, cartoon drawing, video production and editing requirements are all things we need to take into consideration.

If the project comes in under budget the savings is passed onto the client. If the project is likely to go beyond the estimate QCONZ would seek approval before continuing.

Content and IP

The customer would fully own all the intellectual property and copyright.

Customer Contracted Developers

Customers may contract independent companies to provide video or multimedia content for the various components of eLearning courses and our team are able to place this into Virtual Coach.

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