NZ Milking & Pumping Trade Association

We have been the contracted trainer and course creation/management service since the year 2000.

In that time there have been a number of changes to the system and the training suite in general.

What was involved

We assisted the NZMPTA to expand its suite of training courses to include stray voltage testing, milk quality, mastitis management and milk pumping and cooling, and successfully revamped the milking machine test methodology, course and testers manual.

A system was successfully rolled out for completing pre-requisite modules using the QCONZ Virtual Coach e Learning platform. This has allowed the Milking Machine tester’s course to be shortened from 9 days to just 5 days, making course attendance less costly for employers.

QCONZ developed a spreadsheet system (called Autorep) that allows testers to enter readings and have these automatically checked against current machinery standards.

This self-checking system has been in use for a number of years now and continues to be updated and innovated by QCONZ. Its use guarantees greater consistency from testers using it.


Example screenshot from the Autorep machinery standards checking system.

Virtual Coach Modules

Example screenshots from Virtual Coach modules as developed for the NZMPTA.

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