Chris LeachGeneral Manager Business and People Development

Chris has 35+ Years experience in animal husbandry and welfare, and specializes in adult learning, training development and extension.

Specialist Skills
  • Animal Welfare Specialist
  • Project Management
  • Training course and systems development
  • Lecturer at Berkshire College of Agriculture

Chris has lectured in livestock production at Berkshire College of Agriculture, developed training courses for the Hango College of Agriculture, and managed the world’s first privately owned off-shore animal quarantine station.

He worked at DairyNZ as a Senior Developer and Team Manager for the Animal Husbandry and Welfare team and delivered multiple development and extension programmes including Milksmart, Stocksense, Body Condition Scoring initiatives, the national animal welfare non-compliance risk assessment survey, and work as part of the Industry Bobby Calf Action Group.

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