Murray PedleyFounder & CEO

Murray has over 30 years of experience in the Dairy Industry, predominantly in milk quality, business management, quality systems audit, training systems development and delivery.

Specialist Skills
  • Milk quality
  • Business management
  • Quality systems auditing
  • Training systems development
  • MBA (The University of Waikato)
  • 30+ Dairy Industry experience

Murray has been a major part of international aid project missions in South East Asia, the Pacific Islands, Pakistan, South America, and Africa.

Murray has been the CEO of QCONZ from its inception in 1999, and prior to that was involved with milk quality and quality systems auditing for many years.

With QCONZ Murray has developed training systems development, and delivered courses on Milking Machine Servicing as well as working with international agencies and companies in places such as Argentina, Peru, Brazil, Colombia, Myanmar and Sri Lanka.

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