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ProTen approached QCONZ with the challenge to create a streamlined approach to induct new staff and train staff in the many Standard Operating Procedures for their poultry broiler farms in Australia.


ProTen was in the midst of a massive expansion project involving the building of multiple new farms in several locations in a very short space of time. Their support systems and infrastructure needed to keep pace with the speed of commissioning of the new farms… one every few weeks.


ProTen quickly saw the benefits of an eLearning based solution; the training was available 24/7 and also available on every farm as it was needed.

There were also benefits for staff being able to fit a few short learning modules into the day whenever there was a quiet patch.

The ability to quickly refresh on an SOP prior to carrying it out on farm was also seen as highly valuable.

Develop six staff induction modules to cover employment requirements, employment and health and safety legislation, and bio security requirements.

Deploy an integrated Learning Management System with quick-glance dashboard for farm managers and regional managers to view and monitor staff training.

Develop 50-60 eLearning modules to cover all of the core Standard Operating Procedures for frontline staff on the broiler farms.

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