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In New Zealand QCONZ manage and operate a number of different systems across many different industries. These include dairy (Fonterra, Open Country Dairy, Miraka and the Dairy Goat Coop), meat industry (PigCare and the SPCA Blue Tick Programme), and fertiliser systems (Fertmark and Spreadmark).

In addition to audit, quality systems, and compliance programs we also develop and deliver technology solutions

In addition to the audit, quality systems, and compliance programs we have also developed and delivered technology solutions on behalf of Fonterra and Miraka (the Te Ara Miraka excellence program). We can also provide  administration, management and promotional programmes such as the Dairy Effluent WoF programme.

Dairy Effluent WoF

The WoF system was built from scratch and included a training and certification system for assessors, public and private web portals, e-calibration and promotion of the programme.

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With farms stretching across all of New Zealand, we face a heavy demand for sophisticated data and people management to maintain effective systems controls.

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Te Ara Miraka

The Miraka Farm Excellence Program is a financially incentivised system for Miraka farmers to increase their earnings by meeting a set of defined quality standards.

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