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Developed by QCONZ in collaboration with the New Zealand Fertiliser Council and Federated Farmers.

This course assists farmers when spreading their own Nitrogen fertiliser on farm.

The course teaches and verifies a number of important areas:

  • Key methods to help minimise the environmental impacts when spreading fertiliser
  • Fertiliser application and how you can maximise farm productivity
    Health & Safety requirements to ensure everyone is kept safe

The Farmer Fertiliser Spreading Training Course is divided into several ‘modules’. A module is like a ‘subset’ or ‘chapter’ of the course. Each module is completed via the the internet with QCONZ Virtual Coach eLearning platform. It is very easy – as simple as clicking the link to get started!

The modules are made up of high-quality video, images, audio, text, web-links and assessment questions – this is highly interactive learning which is fun and interesting for users, and well beyond the traditional ‘stale’ manuals!

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QCONZ Virtual Coach is an eLearning platform for electronic training. It offers rich multimedia courses for a flexible and powerful training solutions.

Course Contents

This module introduces the course and covers general fertiliser knowledge and health and safety requirements when spreading fertiliser.

This module covers the importance of balancing the application of fertiliser nutrients to match plant requirements and minimising the risk of nutrient losses.

Environmental Impact I
This module covers the environmental impact of nitrogen fertiliser including nitrogen leaching, and what you can do to prevent this.

Wash-down and Records
This module covers the fertiliser spreader wash-down procedure, what to do if you spill fertiliser and keeping records of fertiliser application.

Environmental Impact II
This module covers the transporting of fertiliser, pre-application checks and best practice spreading method.

Spreader Calibration
This module covers fertiliser spreader calibration and the method used to record this.

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