SYNC - How it works

The SYNC mobile app runs in the background and checks every 5 minutes check for an internet connection. If successful any completed forms are sent to the cloud database.

At the same time the mobile receives any form template changes in return.

Incoming forms trigger can automated emails with CSV attachments to a designated email address, or instead set up a regular overnight or hourly reporting schedule.

Build your own reporting matrix from mobile data – or have QCONZ build it for you.

Forms and data are stored in a Microsoft SQL Server database and can be exported or easily connected to other systems – use SYNC as an easy to use and deploy tool to capture data but then import into your own CRM, external reporting systems, or have the QCONZ team build a custom solution for you.

Feature List

Custom mobile forms
Create customised mobile forms by just dragging and dropping fields in seconds.

Include your logo in the app brand
Brand the app by showing in your logo and company name in all forms

Completely offline solution – capture now sync later
You can use the forms while the device is online or offline. Data will be synced to server automatically when a connection is available.

Very easy template design and update
The form template creation and update is very easy. Use drag and drop to add new fields.

GPS data capture
GPS location of the user can be captured using the forms.

Include mobile multimedia
include special field types like photos, selfies, and on-screen signature in your custom forms.

Data export options
There are a variety of data export options for the user submitted data

Template Updates
Form template changes automatically rolled out to your complete team

SQL server database engine
The powerful Microsoft SQL server database is used as the backend data source.

Huge amount of field types
Choose from a massive list of field types in your forms. Text, date, dropdown, audio-record, multi-select list, photo capture, onscreen signatures, calculate function, GPS Location, bar-code, QR codes, and more…

Easy user management
Simple friendly interface for managing your users

Web Interface
Deskbound or users without a smartphone can use the online website for forms

Analyse data collected from mobile devices in real time, send directly to email and accelerate business performance with advanced workflow management and optimization

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Did you know?

QCONZ SYNC is a mobile form and data capture system with an easy to use interface for users to get started, create form templates, assign to users, and start receiving data from field staff.

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