SYNC - Template Builder

Build forms templates quickly and easily with the online builder.

Simple drag-and-drop-interface with a mobile-phone preview function.

Create unlimited multiple templates for your organisation.

Field List

FIELD Description
audiorecord Users can click to record audio
barcode Read a barcode into a text field
calculate Perform a simple calculation in the form
checkbox Checkbox users can tick/not tick
colour Users ‘choose a colour’ from colour options
country Users select a country from a dropdown box
currentdate The current date is written on the form
date Users fill out a date in day/month/year
datetime Users enter a date and time
dropdown Dropdown box where users can select an option i.e. male/female, yes/no
email Users enter email address into box
formattedtext Text box which allows for formatting i.e. font style, bullet points, spell check, copy/paste options
GPS points Track the current location. Options to show or hide on the form, and whether to capture the GPS location when the form is created or submitted
heading A bold heading. Good for showing section differences.
imageviewer Add an image to the form for users to view
instructions Instructions/details to appear on form
month Users select month and year
multicheckbox Checkbox where users can tick multiple options
multioption Multi option field where users can only select one option
multiline text Textbox for users to write in i.e. filling out details, making comments
number Textbox where users can enter number values only
password Textbox for users to enter a password
percentage Number box for users to enter a percentage value
phonecall Button for users to click to call a selected recipient i.e. Call the manager
photo Include and embed a photo in the form
photoandcaption Include and embed a photo in the form with a caption
QR code Read a QR code into a text field
selfie Include and embed a photo with the self facing camera
sendemail Button for users to click to email a selected recipient
sendtext Button for users to click to send a text message to a selected recipient
separator Separates fields on the form by adding in a blank line (i.e. create space between fields)
signature Area for users to physically sign the form on screen
tel Show a phone number which can use the phone dialer to call
text Single line text box for users to enter info e.g. ‘Name’, ‘Occupation’
time Users select a time
url Show a website URL which the user can open a website from
videoplayer Add a video to the form for users to view

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QCONZ SYNC is a mobile form and data capture system with an easy to use interface for users to get started, create form templates, assign to users, and start receiving data from field staff.

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