The Task tab on the app operates in the same way as the website. On the Task Scheduler page you can view, edit and create new tasks for all users across the farm. Select how farms are filtered and sorted on the page by choosing from the ‘Filter By’ and ‘Sort By’ options.

Open and action a task
  • Click on any task on the table to open and view the task details.
  • To submit/action a task, click on the desired task from the table. Fill out the required details, and click ‘Submit’.
Abandon or reschedule a task
  • To abandon or reschedule a task, click ‘Abandon or Reschedule’, and fill in details.
Re-assign a task
  • Hold down the row of the selected task on the table.
  • Select the user/users to reassign the task to. Click ‘OK’.
Create a task
  • To create a new task, click on ‘New Task.’ Fill out the details for the new task and assign the task to the desired user/users. Click ‘Save’.
Recurring tasks
  • If the task is to be completed on regular occasions, tick the box next to ‘Recurring’, then click ‘Set Recurring Options’. Set the Recurrance Pattern, the Range of Reccurance, and assign the task to the desired users across the farm.
Do Now
  • Click the blue ‘DO NOW’ button to complete and submit the form immediately.