Information Technology

QCONZ Tech offers a number of software applications, database systems, management and reporting for a variety of businesses.

We create custom development and business intelligence solutions for business, bespoke software and web design services, or consultancy on your existing IT projects.

Business Intelligence

We offer custom development and business intelligence solutions for business, incorporating a mix of packages into a solution.

Dashboards can incorporate multiple data sources such as Te Ara Miraka farmer excellence program.

Reporting systems that combine the mobile use of QCONZ SYNC by remote field staff with a dynamic farm supply list such as for Parmlat.

Custom data-crunching solutions such as the project for Fonterra which focused on milk residues where we processed 100,000+ test results. Our technical and support services were critical to success, leading one senior Fonterra executive to comment, “QCONZ were crucial to the successful outcome of this project.”

We are the New Zealand agents for InformationLeader – a poweful data warehousing, forms and automation system which offers unlimited flexibility for business and compliance solutions.

By using the power of data and integration, and systems such as InformationLeader, Microsoft SQL Server, .NET architecture, plus the latest cutting edge mobile developments we provide real solutions for business.

Time and time again we see businesses sharing spreadsheets to collate data which inevitably leads to someone at an important time holding an out-of-date copy, or simple databases which not really been designed with the “bigger picture” in mind – our Business Intelligence solutions make things easier – we leverage technology and give people the tools they need from field staff on the group up to automated board level reports with the very latest data.

Software Development

Our mobile and cloud offerings are at the forefront of design and innovation. Our mobile template and tasks driven systems FARMSCOPE and SYNC offer a communication and data platform.

The new system TRACKER was developed for the Red Meat industry to ensure regulatory compliance at all levels for the transport of bobby calves from farm, truck, and processing plants.

We also have our QCONZ LMS cloud package which manages courses and training, and integrates with the VIRTUAL COACH eLearning package which continues to grow with over 500 modules now created across huge range of courses and different industries. Some modules and courses are available for sale, such the SPREADMARK SPREADER COURSE, and others have been incorporated into separate packages such as QCONZ SAFETY – the Health and Safety system for companies which do work on New Zealand farms.

QCONZ Software Packages


Communication and management system for farmers and dairy companies.

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Mobile and cloud based solution for easy capture of data by field staff.

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Training solution developing and delivering visual interactive learning content.

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Regulatory compliance system for the transport of bobby calves in New Zealand.

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Fully featured training management that integrates with Virtual Coach and the TRAIN mobile App.

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Electronically capture, analyse and centrally manage data in an easy to use system.

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Our Software

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Success Stories

Te Ara Miraka

Web portal and dashboard for the Miraka Farm Excellence Programme

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Dairy Effluent WoF 

Public and private web portals, e-calibration and promotion.

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Sophisticated data and people management.

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how can we help you?

Drop us a line if you have any questions or would like to work with us.
Hours: 7am – 4:30pm Monday to Friday