Verticals - integrated support mechanisms

Our international development is based on a new concept of “Verticals” – successfully integrating support mechanisms.

Vertical One - Digital Transformation

Digital solutions focused on training and data management via our electronic platforms.

Linking extension staff to experts remotely and in near to real-time helps avoid the seemingly inevitable slowing of progress between missions.

Vertical Two - Milk Safety and Quality Improvement

Quality improvement to enhance the selling power of producers and improve processor’s ability to provide the public with safe, good quality products.

Enhance the technical skills of private sector extension staff, in particular those linked directly to processors, through working collaboratively with processing  companies and local supermarket chains.

Vertical Three - Partners, Expertise and Harmonisation

By working cooperatively with other New Zealand goods and service providers this provides a powerful, single access point for all participants, assisting in the modernisation of developing dairy industries and providing a resource that would have on-going benefits for potential use in other similar projects.

We believe in supporting and nurturing trade between donor countries and NZ businesses. Services and products used in projects can improve productivity, animal welfare and quality and safety of the products produced.

Opportunities can exist internationally for items such as calf rearing equipment, genetics, water equipment, hygiene equipment and products, animal management products, and dairy processing equipment.

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