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We offer a number of training courses across different sectors, and are a service provider to the PRITO, MPTA, detergent suppliers, dairy company quality and internal audit personnel, offering classroom and on-farm workshops.

Student entry requirements

Do I need to be based on a farm?

For all of our courses you need to be working for a primary sector employer based here in New Zealand. All our courses require that you have prior industry experience in working on a dairy farm. In some cases, this requirement may be waived based on other experience or study that you have completed.

Can I get funding?

You can check if your eligible on If you left school in 2017 or 2018 you may qualify for funding for some of the programmes we offer. Any funding will need to be discussed with the Industry Training Organisation.

Can I apply for a student loan to cover my fees?

No – student loans are not available for QCONZ training. However, your employer may cover your fees, or you may be eligible to study fees-free.

How do I enrol on a QCONZ training programme?

Most of the training programmes that QCONZ provides require initial registration with the Primary ITO or via Competenz. The first step is to talk with your employer. You or your employer will then need to contact an ITO person to discuss your training options.

Courses we offer

Primary ITO

We work closely with dairy farmers, dairy companies, and the Primary ITO to develop and deliver a comprehensive training and assessment solution for the dairy industry.

Milk Quality - Stage 1

Ensure good quality production by applying the correct skills and knowledge.

Milk Quality - Stage 2

Milk harvesting procedures and efficiencies, hygiene checks and milking machine maintenance.

Dealing with Dairy Farm Effluent

Knowledge and skills to meet the highest standards of effluent management.

Dairy Goat - Milk Quality 1

What’s required to maintain cleanliness and hygiene to ensure quality milk output. You’ll learn about cleaning processes, plant and equipment maintenance and undertake risk analysis.

Milk Smart Principles

Provides a solid grounding in understanding how to milk dairy stock and identifying and treating problems in livestock.

Effluent Management Planning

Knowledge to effectively evaluate an effluent system, understand the legal requirements and implications of poor management and put a plan in place to manage the effluent system in your business.

Livestock Husbandry

A comprehensive course where you will learn skills involved in the livestock lifecycle. You will learn about the reproductive process to birth, weaning, livestock selection through to sale, including good animal health and welfare practices.

Pastoral Livestock Production (Feeding)

On this course you’ll learn everything you need to know to about feed supply, including the management of soil and pasture and the impacts of climate. You will learn about feeding and water supply requirements for growing livestock and meeting production targets.

Dairy Level 4

A comprehensive course where you’ll learn to lead and manage all aspects of a dairy farm ensuring peak productivity of your livestock, land, machinery, and supply of high quality milk to market.

Production Management Level 5

On completion of this course you’ll have a detailed knowledge on all aspects of production management to help make sound decisions to maximise production and financial returns.


We are the contracted trainer and course creation/management service for NZMPTA since 2000, assisting the NZMPTA to expand its suite of training courses and revamping the milking machine test methodology.

NZ Milk Machine Tester

Learn to become a Milking Machine Tester with practical hands-on skills in a workshop like situation.

Milking Machine Test Refresher

Refresh or update their skills and knowledge regarding test methodology and reporting.

MQ & Grade Troubleshooting

Understand milk quality tests:- bacteria, penicillin contamination, thermo, coliform bacteria & BMSCC.

Mastitis & Liner Selection

Understand mastitis and mastitis detection, resolution and prevention beyond the milking machine.

Mastitis & Milk Quality Principles

A basic introduction to Mastitis and Milk Quality to broaden understanding of these issues.

Liner Selection

Gain a greater knowledge of the benefits of correct liner selection for optimum performance.

Cleaning Evaluation & Milk Delivery

Understand and evaluate the effectiveness of cleaning systems for milking machines and milk silos.

Principles Milking Machine Hygiene

Key milk quality tests and how machines and silos are cleaned by physical action of cleaning solutions.


QCONZ has developed and deliver a comprehensive suite of trainer and assessor training materials to ensure consistent high quality training is provided across the country.

The Certificate in Animal Wellbeing (Dairy) – Level 4

Designed for dairy farm owners, managers and 2ICs, the program goes beyond welfare compliance, and focuses on the benefits to be gained through affordable, practical, good animal care practices.

Food Safety Methods

Understanding of practices that result in safe food for working in a food business.

Food Contamination Hazards

Knowledge and methods to control of hazards that cause food borne illness and food spoilage.

HACCP in the Dairy Industry

Legislative requirements for HACCP plans and identifying and controlling food safety hazards.

Food Safety Programmes

Benefits of a food safety programme, monitoring and recording Critical Control Points, and corrective actions.

Quality Management Auditing

Understand Quality systems and procedures and learn the necessary steps to audit a quality system.

Sensory Milk Grading

Covers NZFSA Raw Milk Acceptance Standards plus mechanics of sample taking and presentation.

Exotic Disease Response

Foot and Mouth Disease, responsibilities for movement, processing, & roles in an outbreak.

Fertiliser Spreading

Developed by QCONZ in collaboration with the New Zealand Fertiliser Council and Federated Farmers, this online course assists farmers when spreading their own fertiliser.

Course costs $55 per person.

Easy sign up – pay on credit card and receive instructions on how to access and complete the course.

Alternatively, you can contact the QCONZ office on 0800 726 695 – they will organise an invoice and arrange payment by internet banking.

Fertiliser Spreading Online Training Course

The course teaches and verifies a number of important areas:

  • Key methods to help minimise the environmental impacts when spreading fertiliser.
  • Fertiliser application and how you can maximise farm productivity.
  • Health & Safety requirements to ensure everyone is kept safe.

The course is made up of 6 online modules (details below). Once completed you will be issued with a certificate of completion.

Module 1 - Introduction

This module introduces the course and covers general fertiliser knowledge and health and safety requirements when spreading fertiliser.

Module 2 - Environmental Impact 1

This module covers the environmental impact of nitrogen fertiliser including nitrogen leaching, and what you can do to prevent this.

Module 3 - Environmental Impact 2

This module covers the transporting of fertiliser, pre-application checks and best practice spreading method.

Module 4 - Agronomy

This agronomy module covers the importance of balancing the application of fertiliser nutrients to match plant requirements and the importance of minimising the risk of nutrient losses.

Module 5 - Wash-down and Records

This module covers the fertiliser spreader wash-down procedure, what to do if you spill fertiliser and keeping records of fertiliser application.

Module 6 - Spreader calibration

This module covers fertiliser spreader calibration and the method used to record this.

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