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QCONZ is an NZQA registered training service provider to the PRITO, MPTA, detergent suppliers, and dairy company quality and internal audit personnel. We offer classroom and on-farm workshops, as well as eLearning modules. These are all backed up by a complete database of training records and achievements.

This one-day course is for those working, or preparing to work, in a food business, and includes a basic understanding of practices that result in safe food. People that complete this course are able to: maintain effective personal hygiene when working with food, prevent cross contamination in a food business, and measure, record, and act on temperature of high risk-food.

This is a one to two day theory based course designed for all people working, or preparing to work, in a food business. People that complete this course are able to demonstrate knowledge of hazards that cause food borne illness and food spoilage, and methods used to control hazards that cause food borne illness and food spoilage in a food business.

Recommended pre-course requirements: Unit 20666 or Unit 167, plus a working knowledge of the English language

This two day course teaches students the legislative requirements for HACCP plans and their importance in the dairy industry; the application of HACCP as a tool for identifying and controlling potential food safety hazards; Critical Control Points and critical food safety limits relevant to the individual’s workplace or site; and corrective actions to be taken if food safety limits are exceeded.

The two-day ‘Food Safety Programmes’ course is for people working in a food business in an operational role following a food safety programme. People that complete this course are able to: describe the benefits of a food safety programme in relation to food safety in a food business; monitor and record control at Critical Control Points; and take corrective actions according to a food safety programme. Further training available for participants wishing to develop their own Food Safety Programmes.

Quality Management is relevant to every industry wanting to improve the value of goods and services to their customers. QCONZ offers unit standards towards either national qualifications or limited credit programmes (LCP’s) in Quality Management. Courses range from selected enterprise friendly unit standards that will provide trainees with an understanding of the philosophy of Quality Management and its systems through to courses that will teach trainees to prepare and carry out a quality audit and write quality management systems.

This four-day training course is a comprehensive modular course, which provides students with an understanding of where quality systems and procedures fit into a quality management programme. The course teaches trainees the necessary steps to audit elements of a company’s quality system by providing student with the knowledge, skills, techniques and experience used in the process of quality auditing. As a result of the experience gained in this course trainees will have the knowledge, skill and confidence to carry out quality system audits with confidence.

QCONZ Training has developed a half-day, fully participative training course for Raw Milk Graders. The course covers Ministry of Primary Industries (MPI), Raw Milk Acceptance Standards. Real emphasis is placed on establishing student strengths and weaknesses through detecting the four basic flavours, ie. Sweet, salt, sour and bitter to define sensory aptitude, and also covers the sensory process, sight, smell and taste, plus all of the ‘mechanics’ of sample taking and presentation. Included is a comprehensive listing of flavour and odour quality defects of milk with their prime causes. The course has a strong practical aspect where the participants test their new skills on a selection of coded milk samples with various qualities.

QCONZ provides two separate one-day training courses in exotic disease response:

  • Unit standard 16313 – Foot and Mouth Disease control in the collection and discharge of milk in the Dairy Industry
  • Unit standard 16312 – Foot and Mouth Disease control in the processing of milk in the Dairy Industry.

The courses provide an overview of Foot and Mouth Disease, discusses the responsibilities for Foot and Mouth Disease control in milk movement and processing, teaches actions required to minimize Foot and Mouth Disease spread, and trains participants how to carry out their roles in the event of an outbreak.

The milk quality course provides an understanding of the milking machine and its function including an in-depth understanding of the design of the machine and it’s in place cleaning systems i.e jetters, reverse flow and bulk milk tank. The course is largely practical and includes sessions on chemical usage, water flow rates and temperatures.

The causes and solutions to milk quality downgrades including, thermoduric, bactoscan, coliform, inhibitory substance and somatic cell grades are covered indepth.

This course gives trainees the confidence and skills to consult on maintaining and improving milk quality on farm.

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