QCONZ TRAIN – Mobile app

QCONZ manage students on behalf of the New Zealand organisation: PRITO.

To better manage the many thousands of students in or system we created the QCONZ TRAIN App.

This enables Trainers and Assessors to monitor and manage the courses and student assessments that they are assigned.

The App can be easily adapted for us by other companies who use the QCONZ LMS system.

Feature List

The core function revolves around communicating with students to schedule and book assessments, and automatically contacting the student via phone and text to set the times and dates.

Using smartphones and data feeds from QCONZ LMS and InformationLeader, the QCONZ TRAIN makes it easy to organise, book, and assess students over a wide geographical area.

Courses are also managed within the app, providing quick referencing to any courses an organisation has scheduled. It has many functions including information on course title, content overview, trainer, location, venue, start-time, number of participant’s booked, pencil-booked, wait-listing, and the ability to view the course locations on a map. This is ideal for managers, trainers and field reps.

Students are allocated to field team members based on Farm Supply Numbers and ‘Region’. Assessment Status provides updates on the status of the assessment with the student. These are automatically recorded in the LMS against the ‘Admin Status’ for the ‘Assessment Component’

Show on map function connects directly to a Google map showing the actual location of students. The location shows students colour coded by status of booked, not-yet-booked, and assessed.

The App is fully integrated with QCONZ LMS and INFORMATION LEADER and keeps information on the dairy company farm supply lists (approx 9,000), calendar bookings and availability between QCONZ field team members. Student assessment bookings are fed back to QCONZ SCHEDULER system, and assessment results captured via InformationLeader are passed to LMS and the into the app.

Learning Management System (LMS)

The QCONZ TRAIN app completely integrates with the LMS Software system, a fully featured training administration application that also integrates directly with the Virtual Coach eLearning platform.

Organisations manage all aspects of their training, including course and qualifications from other providers, internal traditional training, and eLearning via the Virtual Coach Platform…. READ MORE

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QCONZ software and systems are sold as annual subscriptions on a per-user basis.

Please call if you have any questions or would like to purchase. We accept credit card payments or if you prefer you can pay by internet banking, cheque or direct credit. Our office hours are between 7:00am and 4:30pm Monday to Friday — we would be delighted to hear from you.

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