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QCONZ (Quality Consultants New Zealand) training is part of the QCONZ business. We operate nationally in the North and south Island and internationally in South America and Australia.

QCONZ Training is an NZQA registered ‘Private Training Establishment’ (PTE) that operates throughout New Zealand.

We offer courses in the following areas:QCONZ is sought after for its effective, customised and professionally delivered courses. We deliver courses across several sectors:

Dairy Industry

QCONZ Training is considered the market leader in the provision of dairy farm quality systems, milk quality training, and farm dairy management and trouble shooting.

Aged Care Sector

QCONZ Training is also a preferred provider of training to Oceania Living one of New Zealand’s leading aged care and retirement village providers.

Food and Hospitality

We also provide sector-specific training courses to other sectors e.g. the food processing and manufacturing, hospitality and meat sectors.

Why companies prefer QCONZ Training

QCONZ courses are practical, engaging and deliver the required outcomes!

QCONZ Training frequently develops and delivers courses so that clients can brand and promote the training as their own. Businesses use our expertise, our trained trainers, our assessors, and our training quality systems to deliver cost effective training that is delivered in-house for their own staff, or to on-sell to their clients.

Training Courses

Click here to learn about the various training courses that QCONZ has to offer.

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