Virtual Coach

Virtual Coach is our premium eLearning development platform offering visual and highly interactive training modules to inform, entertain and coach.

Training courses are custom built and can be simple or complex in design and any length. Train and test on areas such as product knowledge, standard operating procedures, general skills, product installation and servicing, health and safety or business induction.


Rich multimedia courses are completely customisable and offer a flexible and powerful training solution

End user experience

Learner focused  –  Easy to use –  Highly accessible

Virtual Coach is designed to provide the best learning experience. Courses are interactive and highly engaging allowing ‘how to’ demonstrations through the use of video and images without excessive use of text.

The platform is intuitive and easy to use, providing self-paced learning where the user can stop pause and review at their leisure.

Training is highly accessible; available any time of the day, at home or in the office, and can reach remote locations around the world.

If there is no internet access a fully installed version is available.

Business benefits

Cost effective – Consistent  – Use for compliance

Virtual Coach is a cost effective training option – save time and money on travel, accommodation and relief staff incurred with traditional training options.

Staff can repeat eLearning courses as many times as they like and managers are free to concentrate on other business.

Training is delivered with a consistent approach every time and gives businesses the opportunity to ‘clone’ their best trainer.

Virtual Coach makes auditing and compliance a breeze. Users are tested as they are trained and all responses are tracked and auto-stored. Admin users can view results and data to see what has been learnt or interacted with.

Virtual Coach Player

Offline Player for Windows

Training courses are accessed through Virtual Coach Player via browser or alternatively with a Windows installable offline option for when internet connectivity is an issue. Users log into the interactive dashboard and access courses and results.

Learning Management System

Powerful Database Records

Behind the scenes the LMS database and system manages people, results, and statistics. This provides the ability to track information across individuals, teams, or an entire organisation. Report in real-time how trainees progress, how many clicks it takes to get the correct answers, and time taken to complete.

Digital Training

Use Virtual Coach to quickly develop and deliver interactive training.

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Success Stories

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Feature List

View the complete feature list that Virtual Coach and the LMS have available.

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Your solution

Make the Virtual Coach platform work for you and your team. Start here.

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Student Handbook

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