Virtual Coach Feature List

Course design and results

Training courses can and should be fun and interesting for users, well beyond the tradition of a ‘stale’ manual.

A Virtual Coach course is a highly interactive learning experience made up of one or more learning modules.

Every module can include a combination of high-quality HD video, still images, cartoons, audio, text, web-links, interactive activities and assessments.

By taking a complex course and dividing it into smaller chunks the learner is more engaged, and learns better.

Eliminating the excessive use of text and sticking to key points and procedures also aids the learning process.

Virtual Coach is designed to replicate the benefits of a buddy trainer. Show a user how to do a task, demonstrate the best practice and then test that there is understanding.


  • Operates online and fully installed version available (if no internet access)
  • Hi-resolution video and audio
  • Integrate On-line content (YouTube / websites)
  • Interactive drag-n-drop learning activities
  • Hot spots and buttons to enable multiple content to launch on roll over or click
  • Auto-timed in functionality
  • Dynamically change content based on responses
  • Include full assessment quizzes and questions
  • Multi-choice, true/false, short answer, essay, drag and drop
  • Built in voice recording utility for verbal/voice responses
  • Custom feedback for correct and incorrect user actions
  • Complete resulting via LMS databases
  • Track every mouse click, monitor how long users spend on each activity

All learning results, timings, starts, stops, clicks are transmitted to the Learning Management System where results can be assessed and monitored if required.

virtual coach online

The simple and speedy way to get going.

Log directly into the online dashboard, or customise the dashboard with your own branding and URL such as:

Once logged in the users can see courses, modules, results and when they last engaged with any item.

Simply click to begin!

virtual coach windows player

Users install a copy of the application onto their Windows computer. Virtual Coach downloads a complete copies of the course onto the local machine.

Course and modules are now available offline and can be used when no internet is available, or in an environment where an unstable connection exists.

When used for assessment, results and statistics from courses and modules are saved onto the user’s computer. These are then transmitted to the LMS database when connectivity resumes.

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