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We deliver, practical solutions using new technologies to countries and companies around the globe.


Partnered with Guillermo Lehmann Cooperativa on an animal welfare standard and audit system for farm sales.


Provider of quality systems, training and dairy audit services to dairy companies throughout Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland and South Australia.


Lead provider of quality auditing and training expertise to dairy companies and supply calf rearing equipment through our sister company Milk Bar Brazil.


Working with Fonterra, we assisted in upgrading the Soprole farm quality system and training of the farm support team.


Co-design and delivery of a NZ Aid project helping to improve the viability of Colombian dairy farms.


Development and deliver a farm quality management system and associated training services via our sister company QCONZ.


Delivery a processed milk quality improvement programme and a milk testing laboratory improvement programme.


Development and delivery of calf rearing, raw milk quality and food safety training.


We provide milk quality and safety assistance and laboratory expertise to a dairy development project, and assisted developing the SSAFE training programme.


Development of the Myanmar dairy industry. We provided design assistance and delivery of training and consultancy in milk quality, lab systems and dairy design.


We are apart of the International Finance Corporation (IFC) scoping mission focussed on dairy.


Delivery of milk quality and food safety consultancy services to an IFC dairy development project.


Design and delivery phases of a dairy development project for Peru.


Working for MFAT, we have assisted the Philippines government and dairy industry in creating best practices standards for milk production and collection.

Sri Lanka

Working for ANZDEC, we are involved in a NZ Aid project to build capability and capacity of extension staff working with dairy farmers in Sri Lanka.


We are leading the design of a MFAT NZ Aid dairy development project for the Tanzania dairy industry.


Scoping mission for International Finance Corporation (IFC).


Development of a farm quality management system and associated training services to a dairy client in Venezuela.


Consultancy to a private sector piggery in Vietnam focusing on improving animal husbandry best practices.


Development and delivery of milk quality and food safety training.

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